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Transit Steel Wheelchair 18" Solid Tyres
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Transit Steel Wheelchair 18" Solid Tyres

Transit Steel Wheelchair 18" Solid Tyres

Built around a robust steel frame, this transit wheelchair ensures exceptional stability while maintaining a lightweight structure. Its folding mechanism facilitates effortless storage and transportation, catering to the user's convenience.

The wheelchair's adaptability shines through its height-adjustable footrests, removable and swing-away, offering customizable comfort. Fixed armrests complement the design, enhancing user support and stability.

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Safety remains paramount with attendant-accessible parking brakes on the rear wheels, ensuring peace of mind for both user and caregiver. Additionally, rear stepper tubes enable attendants to safely navigate curbs, enhancing maneuverability.

The transit model boasts 32cm (12.5″) solid rear wheels, prioritizing ease of movement for caregivers or attendants, particularly when navigating different terrains or assisting in transportation.

Comfort is prioritized with its vinyl upholstery, providing a pleasant and supportive seating experience. The inclusion of a calf strap as standard offers additional leg support, enhancing user comfort further.

This versatile wheelchair effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor environments, catering to a wide range of mobility needs. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality transit wheelchair without compromising on essential features.

Backed by Drive Devilbiss's legacy of producing top-notch mobility aids, the Drive S1 Transit Wheelchair stands as a testament to their commitment to quality, ensuring a durable, comfortable, and reliable mobility solution for users and caregivers alike.

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